In fall 2010, the Pittsburgh campus enrolled 17,083 full-time undergraduates, approximately 22 percent of whom were admitted as freshmen through one of the five schools that admit freshmen: the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences; the Swanson School of Engineering; the College of Business Administration; the School of Nursing, and the College of General Studies, which admits non traditional students. The remaining students enter the campus either as transfers to one of these schools or to one of the five upper-division schools (the Schools of Education, Social Work, Information Sciences, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Pharmacy) or as students re locating from one of the regional campuses. The Pittsburgh campus draws from a national and, increasingly, international pool of applicants interested in a research-oriented undergraduate experience on an urban campus.

Collectively, the regional campuses enrolled in fall 2010 a total of 6,612 full-time equivalent students, approximately 27 percent of the total undergraduate enrollment of the University of Pittsburgh. Each of the regional campuses is unique, and collectively they provide additional choices for undergraduate applicants within the University of Pittsburgh. All four of the regional campuses admit students as freshmen and draw heavily from the local communities, though they are increasingly recruiting from outside Western Pennsylvania. More than 24 percent of Pitt–Bradford’s students come from outside Pennsylvania (primarily New York), while the percentage of students from outside Pennsylvania is 17 percent at Pitt–Titusville, 5 percent at Pitt–Greensburg, and 3 percent at Pitt–Johnstown.