Documentation of Assessment of Student Learning

A series of appendices provides complete documentation of the University’s ongoing process for assessing student learning outcomes and using the results of those assessments to drive curricular change:

• Descriptions of the process for assessing student learning in each school and campus, provided by the deans and campus presidents (Appendix C4)

• All assessment matrices (reports) submitted for individual programs annually since 2007 (Appendix C5)

• All assessment matrices (reports) submitted for general education programs on each of the campuses since 2008 (Appendix C6)

• Relevant sections of accreditation reports submitted by those schools using specialized accreditation to meet the University’s guidelines (Appendix C7)

• All Office of the Provost reviews of assessment activities in each school and campus (Appendix C8)

• A comprehensive list of programmatic changes that have occurred as a result of the assessment of student learning initiative (Appendix C9)

The following sections provide examples from these appendices that illustrate how the various schools and campuses have developed a culture of assessment around the assessment of student learning outcomes and the impact this culture has had on our curricula. These examples were chosen by WGSE to capture the variety of successful approaches taken to assessing student learning at the University of Pittsburgh. This diversity of approaches reflects the diversity of cultures across the schools and campuses of the University and further demonstrates the benefits of the decentralized approach to planning and assessment at Pitt.