Middle States Standards

Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education: Eligibility Requirements and Standards for Accreditation
Characteristics of Excellence is the essential point of reference for self-study and peer review. It is designed as a guide for those institutions considering application for membership, those accepted as candidate institutions, and those accredited institutions engaged in self-review and peer evaluation. (90 pages).


Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness: Understanding Middle States Expectations
This brochure clarifies Middle States expectations regarding Standard 7: Institutional Assessment and Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning in Characteristics of Excellence. It supersedes Chapter 4 in Student Learning Assessment: Options and Resources. (2005, 7 pgs). 

Student Learning Assessment: Options and Resources (2nd Edition, 2007)
This handbook has a new Chapter 4, incorporating Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness: Understanding Middle States Expectations (see above). (105 pages).

Self-Study and Site Visit

Self-Study: Creating a Useful Process and Report (2nd Edition, 2007) 
This is a manual for institutions preparing for the self-study and peer review process. (74 pages).

Team Visits: Conducting and Hosting an Evaluation Visit (2009) 
This latest edition of Team Visits includes updated information, the new MSCHE certification statement, and several new appendices. (93 pages).